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Lekce v anglickém jazyce / Class in english

Tuesday: 17:30 - Traditional Taekwondo and Selfdefence
Friday: 18:45 - Sport Taekwondo

price: 150,- CZK

In this class we train sport Taekwondo, we learn to use all the dynamic kicks in combinations at full speed on pads. Developing physical conditioning, speed, power and spirit with creativity and expression. We cover sport Taekwondo strategies and competitive tactics, trained in a controlled environment with protection.

This class is perfect for girls and boys that want to improve their fitness and add a high level of skill to their development.

This practice will also dismantle ego, cultivate humility and add a sense of playfulness to the art form.

A bit more about Taekwondo:

Is a korean martial art form, developed out of older forms which existed for battle 2000 years ago. Like many martial arts it had to change to reflect the times and it turned in to a practice for personal development. It was used to develop strength or character, discipline, confidence and spirit through the physical training. It was adopted by schools and the military, improving the effectiveness of the art form and fine tuned for military use once more.

In recent years the competitive side of Taekwondo has grown and is a discipline in and of its own, this is called sport Taekwondo. "Players" use this format to push their skills and conditioning to an elite level. using the most dynamic and fastest kicking techniques in the world. This application is for competition, conditioning and self development and is currently and olympic sport called WTF Teakwood.

The traditional and competitive sides of Taekwondo go hand in hand to develop someone into a well rounded martial artist that has the strength of character, body and heart to over come all of life hurdles be it in a self defense situation or in normal life. This is called the way of Taekwondo, and it will be a part of person forever. Taekwondo is characterized by is pronounced use of kicking, which is at the highest level of all forms.




Shawn Antoni Wright



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