The Finnish choreographer Jarkko Mandelin joined forces with the dancers from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) and created a piece called Beneath the Falling Sky. We asked Jarkko Mandelin a few questions concerning his choreographic work, leading his dance company, and discovering new ways in dance and movement.

With Jana Ryšlavá, director of MOVE Ostrava, we've been discussing the festival's upcoming second edition, hunt for performances and weather in May.

Legendary Czech-Finland New Circus company Krepsko is heading Ostrava. You can visit the performance Mad Cup of Tea 18.2.2015 at 19:00 in Cooltour. Here are 3 questions for them from Taneční Aktuality (Dance actualities)

Doc. Václav Janeček Phd. is dancer, dance pedagog, ballet master, publicist a choreographer, working for 40 years on czech dance scene. We are happy, he spend some time with questions, prepared by Brígida Pereira Neves, demisoloist from NDM.

Jana Ryšlavá, Director of the Festival, Dancer, choreographer, teacher and retro.cyclist. We have asked her about the new festival of contemporary dance, physical theatre and the new circus.

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