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Jana Ryšlavá, Director of the Festival, Dancer, choreographer, teacher and retro.cyclist. We have asked her about the new festival of contemporary dance, physical theatre and the new circus.

Is MOVE FEST Ostrava a new appellation for the Dance Ostrava festival?

It’s true that we continue in the tradition of this festival and we take the positive out of it but the name is not the only thing that is different. We have changed the dramaturgy to open to the general public and to present some other forms of movement, such as physical theatre, new circus, new media and others.

What does “more than a festival” mean?

There’s actually a double meaning … Firstly, we want to be practical and entertaining and to encourage the visitors to be active themselves – therefore, they can put their hands on everything they’ll see at the workshops, led by dancers performing in the individual choreographies, and to learn how to participate in the creative process. The Culture Confessional, installed at the Main Station, is a great help.

The other meaning has to do with the fact that MOVE is not just a festival but it functions all over the year as an access point to everything the local dance scene needs. It is meant for the public ranging from casual workshop-goers, to conservatory students or a pro from the National Theatre. What this access point will bring depends largely on the people who also form our team.

What are YOU most looking forward to at the MOVE Fest?

I’m definitely looking forward to the festival atmosphere. To meeting again my schoolmates and friends who are very busy. So it will be a pleasant reunion in a pleasant atmosphere and all in one place

The performances are diverse and every day, you can enjoy a different style. And I’ll be able to watch live performances I’ve only seen as video recordings. I’m also looking forward to experiencing the atmosphere of the live productions, and the deal of chance and adrenalin that accompanies them.

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