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Krepsko, international mime theater ensemble founded in 2001 in Prague around a group of graduates and exchange students of nonverbal theater department of the Academy of Performing Arts Prague. With its quirky humor, following in the footsteps of quality craft of Czech mime and physical theater techniques of modern day, the group soon got popular throughout Europe. It comes to Prague after several years as a part of Small Inventory Festival with the successful production of Mad Cup of Tea. We can look forward to it 16th February in Varnsorf in the Municipal Theatre, 18th February in Ostrava Cooltour or 20th February in Prague NoD. What happened since we last saw Krepsko on our stages, we asked the director of the ensemble, Linnea Happonen.

You have not performed in Czech Republic for few years... why? What have you been up to?

There is no dramatical why and because - very simply, we have been performing and making new performances there where we have been invited to. Last year for example we performed in Estonia, Israel, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Finland. In past years we also made three new bigger productions, which didn't play in CZ yet, as well as small spontaneous events.

You bring here again the succesful Mad Cup of Tea... has anything changed in the shpw throughout the years since the premiere? Responding to the different audience reaction for example?

This year is the 10th anniversary of Mad Cup of Tea! I think the essence of the show is still the very same - tea, tango & trapeze. It changed most in 2007 when we had to re-cast the performance, and added for example three musicians instead of two. Otherwise the performance is the same, and always a bit different. As all of our performances, it is always alive, and to keep it alive, little changes occur constantly.

What are your future plans... new projects? Are we going to meet you more often in Prague?

Hopefully! We are very happy to be back performing where it all started. There are all the time new ideas bubbling under... next step will be trying some of those in a rehearsing-residence in France. And mainly, next year it's 15 years of Krepsko - hope there will be some celebrations in the near future!


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Author: Lucie Hayashi

Publicated in dance actualities 15.2.2015

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