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With Jana Ryšlavá, director of MOVE Ostrava, we've been discussing the festival's upcoming second edition, hunt for performances and weather in May.

Last year, you organised the MOVE festival for the first time. How would you summarise its first edition?
I think we managed to fulfil all our resolutions. We wanted to show the audience, or better say to people from Ostrava, that contemporary dance is no boring stuff. We made it out and it was obvious from the number of people who attended the performances and from their loud ovations. Everyone enjoyed the atmosphere, both performers and spectators. We just had a good time.

The motto of the last-year edition was "MOVE is more than a festival". Was there anything happening after the festival's closing?
The motto wants to say that MOVE includes all-the-year-round activities culminating during the festival. So we brought some more performances and we could welcome great guest artists. For example the Czech-Finnish company Krepsko. Currently, we are preparing for the International Dance Day. We still organise a number of workshops, either weekly – classical ballet, contemporary dance or partner acrobatics – or some weekend intensive seminars. And we are also looking forward to the summer workshops within the City in Motion.

As is already known, the next edition of the festival will take place in May. Why such a change?
We went for May because it is the beginning of the festival season and it's already warm......well......hopefully it will be warm this May  so it's possible to feature open-air productions, site-specific projects and enjoy open-air festival parties. And besides the festival season, we've decided to start the hunting season and to make it into the main theme of the festival. You'll see soon.........

Alright. We have to wait. And which performances can we look forward to?
Last year we were fishing in the Czech pond. So this time we've focused on foreign dance scenes. You can look forward to Slovaks with the Slovenes, Slovaks with Slovaks, the Swedish with a Czech dancer, the Finnish for the Finnish, and the Czech for women.

And who was the hardest to snatch?
The Finnish, definitely......considering they were hidden in their birch groves, saunas and lakes. But we pulled one new circus herd out of their den. The names of the company and the performance are almost impossible to pronounce (note: Sirkus Aikamoinen - Onnellisten maa) come and check out our taste for new circus.

OK. So there'll be open-air events, performances.......and what about lectures and workshops?
Each performance will be preceded by a lecture and followed by a discussion with the artists, like last year. As for workshops we packed them all into one weekend to make them available for "working hunters" as well.

Just a practical conclusion...........where can we get more information about the festival, the programme and tickets?
You can get all the important info on the festival website, including ticket forms – tickets are sold via GoOut network. We recommend to snatch your tickets asap, because their price will get higher with the festival approaching.

Thank you...

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